Indiana Association of Equine Practitioners

General Membership – Spring 2021

Indiana Association of Equine Practitioners, LLC

General Membership Meeting, March 3, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 12:04 pm by President Jake Jensen via Zoom call.

New Business: Dr. Terry Brandenburg, Past President of the IAEP, passed away earlier this year.  The organization wanted to take a moment to recognize his contributions as an active member of the IAEP and Indiana horse community.  Dr. Habig expressed that we owe a portion of gratitude to those of Terry’s generation for their work in starting the IAEP.

Questions regarding the CE certificates: the IAEP had planned to hold the certificates from Fall 2020 to hopefully hand out in the Spring of 2021, however, this meeting is also virtual.  We anticipate a live meeting again in the Fall of 2021 and plan to get caught back up at that time.  Please notify Barb Sigman or email the organization if you need your certificate sooner.  

Secretary/Treasurer Barb Sigman was unable to attend due to a funeral.  Brief financial report from Dr. Jensen:  attendance for today’s meeting generated $2,855, relatively low expenses, due to lack of speaker travel expenses, facility rental and food.  However, there also was no Vendor contribution.  Financially, the organization is sound and if there are more detailed questions, please contact Barb.

A motion to approve the minutes from the November 2020 meeting was made and seconded.  Motion passed.

BOAH report-Dr. Sandra Norman.

BOAH has been very busy during the Pandemic and appreciates Veterinarians continuing to work. 

BOAH approved the use of the Extended Equine CVI (only available to GlobalVetLink customers) USDA program has memorandum agreement with GVL which allows a horse to get a Certificate that lasts 6 months as long as they put their destinations in.  Indiana is the 31st state to adopt, not good in border states OH, IL, MI, WI, but are approved in KY and most states to the south. Any questions can be directed to GVL.

Outbreak of EHV-1 in Spain at a large FEI show (84 clinical horses and 2 German horses that died).  Does not directly affect IN, however, in general, for outbreak questions go to Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC –

Purdue Update – Dr. Sarah Waxman.

New Hospital is being built, expect to be in use a year from now.  Still working out staffing.  Food animal and Equine will be separate facilities. 

Dr. Steve Adams is retiring this summer.  There is a search committee scouting to fill another surgeon position.

PUVTH is still using curbside service due to COVID-19.  There are signs instructing clients what to do when they pull up.  Call during the day, after hours, use the Buzzer.  In-person communication in the parking lot before the horse is taken in the facility & to discuss findings and treatment.  Exceptions are made for end of life situations.

Purdue Veterinary Alumni – Dr. Erin Wilson was unable to attend but relayed to Dr. Jensen to encourage members to join the Alumni Association.  They were able to provide some student PPE and help out a food pantry this year.

IVMA update – Dr. Julie Davis.

IVMA offered the Crossroads Veterinary Conference virtually providing over 20 hours of live CE.  Practice Act this year looks like there will not be much change this year due to COVID being a priority, so we are not likely to have to fight the dentistry battle again this year.  However, there was a lot of activity online over the winter. 

Regarding CE, even though this current instruction was previously recorded, it is still considered live CE because the speaker is online and available to answer questions.

The floor was opened for other topics of discussion, none were presented.

A motion was made to conclude the business meeting and seconded.  The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 12:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dana Thompson, Sec/Treas Delegate  (Substitute for Barb Sigman, RVT – Sec/Treas)