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Debra Redman



Meeting at AAEP

My company is Win Win Equine Services Therapy, LLC. I am a 27 year veteran human massage therapist and an equine care professional for over 10 years. My other profession is as a certified Life Coach for 27 years. I have more than 15,000 hours of life and health coaching experience assisted by a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. I have recently added the facilitation of breathwork retreats to my offerings. Until my marketing research uncovers it, I appear to be the only one offering this type of retreat to equine practitioners. The retreat is for all veterinary practitioners. I chose equine practitioners to focus on first because of my equine massage practice.

Why am I focused on the veterinary industry? Well, it’s cliche, but I grew up wanting to be a vet but didn’t have the science aptitude for it. Now, in the present, I am a Board Member for the American Association of Equine Therapists and Technicians (AAETT), an organization that is focused on partnering with equine veterinarians to create national standards for non-licensed equine care professionals. We are very aware of the shortage of equine veterinarians across North America. As a life coach, I have extensive experience helping professional people with all the mental health aspects that impact their ability to manage their careers and work-life balance. In addition, the lead facilitator of my team is the daughter of a former AVMA president who helped found the LSU Veterinary School. Her family vacations were going to AVMA conventions. We understand the rigors of the profession. Breathwork is a unique offer among all of the offerings that address veterinary mental health issues. We’d like the opportunity to educate the profession about the benefits of breathwork.

This is where the IAEP comes in. Would we be able to make press releases about our retreats through your organization? Or find other ways to partner in the area of veterinary mental health? I will be in San Diego for AAEP at the end of November. Perhaps I can connect in person with whomever is going this year? I will be in booth #3439/3538, representing AAETT and Equine Cupping USA.

Debra Redman

Time: November 16, 2023 at 10:58 am
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